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PSC Dev Posters

Posted here for reference and link purposes. These are compressed versions of the images. Please refer to Nic Saunders at for information about original quality images or other information regarding PSC Posters. Thanks for an amazing 5+ years of zombie hunting!

Psc is shutting it’s doors

The app we have had for 5 years is no longer able to stay active. It will be done January 29th 2017. 

If you have been a member or active player our comminity urges you to reenter the game. Send an email to the dev’s and you can get your account reactivate and out of mothballs. We have had many friends rejoin us for the final days. But we haven’t seen them all. Good bye psc and algiers point.

official forum of the good bye note

Caption Contest #5 Winner

caption5That’s the last time I let Tiergan pour me a drink (Lessifer)

Honorable Mention1: Thumbs would be convenient right about now. (Steph at the Beach)

Honorable Mention 2: Yeah, Athena, I spoiled The Walking Dead in GC. What are you going to do about it? (Tacho)

Congrats to Lessifer for submitting the winning caption and received a Pleasant Present courtesy of MDI!

We had our biggest turnout yet with 51 entries!  It was such a close race that I had to call in three more finalist judges to choose the winning captions!

Thank you again to all who submitted a caption and our wonderful judges…
Princess1, Devastate, Meesh1976, Raikua and Tiergan… and Cassentra, Chops and TheClapp

Here are the rest of the entries in no particular order:

The zeds are coming hurray hurray

You want me to punch them to death Athena?  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Real life? Zombies behind me? What are you talking about? Leave me alone PSC just froze on Athena!

This picture makes no PUGGING SENSE!?!

What the pugg is going on here?!

Wait……..I see pacman. This picture is an obvious Photoshop.

All buffed up and nowhere to go….forgot to view profile page after crash. Gulp.

Which MOD do I use to get them to dance to YMCA? [CVC remix]

I’m a Pugg, get me out of here!

During the apocalypse, you take love wherever you can find it.

Sorry Samantha, falling in love with a virtual entity is so 2011. Save us Athena!

When Pacman comes around, even the other zombies come to Pugg for help!

Cascade Failure

Things were never this bad with Mobage

Just because I’m paranoid… Doesn’t mean they aren’t all after me!

Listen, Little Dog! You’re not in Kansas anymore. You’re not in Oz. And there’s no place like home. Pick up the puggin’ hammer & smash dead Dorothy’s brains out…NAOW!

Save yourself, Athena! It’s a TRAP!!!

Athena!  Ikr?? The one on the left is SO totes adorbs w/ his shocky spiky hair!! Hands off, grrrl! He’s all mine!!!

(With the Wicked Witch’s Theme playing in the background): Run, Puggpugg, RUN!!!

Look see what the delivery report says, but this isn’t the support strike package I ordered.

“Thank you for pressing the mayday button, how can I help you?”  “Hi, I have a pack of zombies coming over and I know they will want to use my Kindle fire…”

Man, hopefully all these MacGyver episodes will pay off soon.

Who keeps stealing all my pugging chances?!

Here we come walking down the street, hey hey we’re the zombies

TOTO! Are you there? TOTO!!!! This is not the yellow brick road!!!!!

Your session has expired please hit OK to reconnect!!!!

How the hell am I supposed to kick them all to death?

“Dailey” ???.. Seriously, not helping here Athena!

But, you said they don’t eat pugg!

Hah…I’ll use Max’s hammer…damn, no weapon mod. Oh well I’m invincible.

Quick Athena! My mother in law is here!

Athena????  You want me to do whaaattt!!!!!!

Ugh!!! Don’t Pug’n’Play, you spill your drink!

Pugg, paranoid from her shocking tryst with Pacman, bans all things love related and commences drinking and buying fake bling from Athena to heal the pain

OK, Athena. Now show me how to craft a pooper scooper

Spending forever alone day looking a for a pugging pacman

Forever alone day, when the only candy bar you’ll have is from your inventory.

Take your valentines frustration out on a pugging Cupid

The sudden T-virus outbreak and subsequent bloodbath at the Wizard of Oz 90th anniversary expo during the 2029 Comic-Con was described by many to have made “Return to Oz” look like “Sofia the First.”

puggamoo, I’ve a feeling we’re not in PSC anymore.

Ohh great! Now I have to poop

Thumbs would be convenient right about now.

WTF? When did PSC turn into The Wizard of OZ?

Zombie Wizard of Oz (Pink lady Lover as Dorothy, Pug as Toto, Pacman as the Wizard, Cupid as the flying monkey, Paranoid Zed as the Tin man, Shock Jock as the Cowardly Lion)

Toto I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore

What do you mean I’m NOT getting any back up, Athena? Yipes!!

Help me, Obi Wan Athena, you are our only hope. Only you can show me how to use my Papa Pug’s Jedi Ban Hammer and save us from these Zombies!

If I only had a brain, a heart, a home, the nerve…

While checking her PuggyMingle account, the side tracked mutt was ambushed by a group of rejects from the nearby PSC convention.  Her energy drink expended and health pack unsurprisingly full of treats, she said goodbye to her new love one last time.

Raider Pride…

Raid Events
Part 2 of 3… how to kick ass on PSC events

Thank you again to the PSC community for your help… special shout out to Azhdeen, Princess, Devastate, Pinkersnitch and DS.


Basic rules:

Check the event page for the raid boss’ weakness and set the strongest one as your preferred weapon.  You can also use weapon mods (which is a post for another day)

Typically, if you choose wisely, you can finish the first 8 levels with just one hit, and I’ve heard as high as level 12 with one hit.

You can farm drinks from the lower level bosses.  Since you get one 10% drink for spawning and one for the kill shot, you can go up to level 5-10, release the boss and repeat.

Once you’re ready to start getting down to business… you’ll need to make every hit count and maximize the damage.  When going for big raids, you should keep your weapons repaired (most people do it every blitz or every drink) and use a hunt buff at all times if you can (it’s worth it).


Group Hunting Rules and Etiquette:

Rules can vary from house to house, but they typically follow the same outline, as provided by the wonderful asshats of the Pentagon…

RULES: spawn, MVP and kill your own bosses. Don’t tap anyone else’s boss level 10 or less OR at 90% finished. Tell SHC for boss escapes. Drink farm to level ten. Coordinated attacked for maximum point spread.


Variations/Explanations of the rules…

No “sniping or stealing” bosses under level 10, as most folks can finish it themselves.  Don’t do it even if it hasn’t been touched and will expire… as the person may be letting it go on purpose to farm drinks.

Rules about taking the kill shot varies from house to house… some people care, some don’t.  Always err on the side of caution and don’t take the kill shot (anything about 90% damage).  Of course accidents happen, and it’s always good to apologize or acknowledge it.

MVP means you get at the most points for a particular boss.  This rule may or may not be applicable to all houses, but as a general rule of thumb, if you’re going to call a boss, especially upwards of level 30+, you should be prepared to kill it yourself or at least inflict more than half of the damage.  Teammates should be there to help and support, but you should commit to do most of the work for your own boss.  Plus MVP gets triple the points, who doesn’t like points?  Be planful and communicate with your teammates, 70% damaged bosses should not be getting away…

Oz has a rule that the person who spawns the boss should take the first hit.  If there is no hit on the boss, it’s a sign that they want their boss to escape.  This is a great idea, especially if chat gets too cluttered or people just don’t check it.

If you’re going for the special leaderboards for highest boss, be prepared to not sleep the last 24 hours of the event.  In preparation for the final push, get each other as close in range as you can, that way you’re not playing catch up during the final stretch.  For example, if your top boss is level 50… you’re going to want everyone as close to 50 as possible.  If you have one player at 50, and the rest at 40-42, you’re going to be wasting a lot of time getting your supporters caught up to help with the raids.

Raids can be ridiculously expensive, but it’s probably my favorite event, as it is a race against the clock, a race against each other and has a great teamwork component.

Happy Hunting!

Run Forrest Run!! How to Run the Duel Gauntlet

Duel Gauntlet
Part 1 of 3… how to kick ass on PSC events.

A big thank you to Princess, Leo, Rice, Tom, Zeke, Helen for your help with this article. It was a little tricky writing this article without pics… I’ll add pics after the next gauntlet event.

Gauntlet Basics:  Sign up for the Gauntlet to defeat clones.  Each gauntlet has 30 levels, with 10 minutes to complete each level.  You get points for completing each level, and start back at level 1 if you run out of time.

I’m not going to go into detail about the event, as you can read it on the event page and MDI did a pretty good job explaining the gauntlet rules and Clone-Offs/Shrivelers/Tubs.

Basic Strategy:

Levels 1-12:  You should be able to duel regularly and fairly quickly without any shrivelers.  If your duel level is close to your player level, you can probably go to level 15 comfortably.  Skip regular duel items during the gauntlet, it doesn’t do enough damage and is just a waste of cash.

Levels 13-22: There are two ways to tackle these levels.  First, you can regular duel as fast as you can (also known as speed duel), and then at the end use a shriveler if you’re running out of time.  Or you can use a few Lite/Regular shrivelers until a certain percentage (around 15-20%) and then duel regularly the rest.

Levels 23-30: At this point, most folks start using their Ultra shrivelers.  Use shrivelers until about 10-15% and then regular duel.  Around these levels, a regular duel takes off around 1-2% damage each time.

Retal/Brawl: There’s a trick to getting a faster refresh using a retal.  You may have noticed during duel events, players asking for a “tap”.  This means a player is looking for a duel retal so they can click into the gauntlet from there.  This is great if you’re trying to speed duel through the levels bc you’ll be able to see the 10 minute timer. The downside is if you’re using shrivelers, you won’t be able to see the % health left against your opponent.  You can only see that through the regular duel option.  The last thing you want to do is waste your ultra shriveler on an opponent with 2% health left.

Ka Ka Ka-Combo!  On a rare occasion, you’ll get a pop up in the gauntlet telling you to hit with a duel item, like a sticky bomb or shriveler.  It’ll do extra damage.  If you keep following the combo you can get in a bunch of hits (I’ve done up to 5 or 6) to take down the opponent fast.   The damage is not as significant as a shriveler and takes extra time to find, so some folks opt to ignore it.  I like to do it, it changes the pace, but for the most part, I’m clicking through it so fast I end up missing it.

Preparing for the Gauntlet: I think on average, if you follow the rules of regular dueling until level 12-15, and then use shrivelers to bring opponents down to 10-20% and then regular duel… it’ll take about 45-60 minutes, using 25-40 shrivelers.

Speed dueling, minimal use of shrivelers will take you about 60-90 minutes.

Balls to the walls shriveler overload, you can get through it in 20 minutes, but it will cost at least 50-60 shrivelers, mostly ultras.

Gauntlet times are just rough estimates but will give you an idea of how other players matched up.  Plan accordingly.

Lastly, if you grew up in the 90s like me, you’ll remember the American Gladiators.  I dunno about you guys, but whenever I think about the duel gauntlet, I think about them.


Contenders… ready> Gladiators…ready? *blows whistle*

PSC Player Titles

Special thanks to Stewbob, DanielAmbition, Deedeeteeee, Chewy138, Itcus, Devastate and puggamoo, and the rest of the PSC Community for your help. P.S. Please add a comment for any omissions or inaccuracies. Thanks! Click here for Mastery Titles Click here for Events/Weapons/Drops

Overall Player Titles

2 Amateur Hopeless Softie Naïve Patient Beginner
5 Rookie Forager Troublemaker Consumer Neophyte Holdout
10 Stalker Freebooter Provoker Barterer First-Aid Survivor
15 Pursuer Gatherer Cut-throat Buyer Caregiver Scrapper
20 Enforcer Scrounger Bandit Trafficker Trainee Agent
25 Soldier Finder Aggressor Dealmaker Nurse Deputy
30 Sentinel Scavenger Perpetrator Investor Intern Militant
40 Warden Vulture Adversary Broker Healer Insurgent
50 Eradicator Seeker Assailant Speculator Medic Mercenary
60 Butcher Acquirer Desperado Financier Practitioner Rebel
70 Reaver Pillager Outlaw Quaestor Extern Guerilla
80 Slayer Plunderer Assassin Overseer Pharmacist Bulwark
90 Executioner Collector Marauder Capitalist Expert Leader
100 Annihilator Ransacker Antagonist Executive Doctor Hero
110 Slaughterer Hoarder Rival Chairman Physician Warlord
120 Exterminator Treasurer Villain Mogul Specialist Overlord
130 Mortician Adventurer Terror Researcher Guardian
140 Destroyer Fortune Seeker Blade Pathologist Champion
150 Devastator Explorer Tormentor Surgeon Avenger
160 Ravager Liquidator Malefactor Neurosurgeon Emancipator
170 Scourge Miser Dominator Surgeon General Legend
180 Dead Hunter Crassus Tyrant Miracle Worker Prophet
190 Liberator Midas Dictator Savior Messiah
200 Immortal Krysos Totalitarian Saint Diety
210 Demigod Gold Minter Thief of Cash and Supplies Ressurectionist The Lord
220 Bringer of Carnage Enjoys Hurting Others Pain Killer The Living God
230 Lord of Onslaught Mustache-Twirling Villain Archangel The Exalted One
240 Avatar of Doom Total Psychopath Personification of Good The Alpha and The Omega
250 King of Slaughter Artisan of Beat-Downs Bringer of Life The Almighty
260 God of War Social Darwinist Champion of the Living The Omniscient Power
270 Death Incarnate Hater of Humanity The One True God
280 Destroyer of Worlds Monopoly Guy Grizzly Murderer The Supreme Being
290 Devastator of Universes Inflictor of Agony Ruler of the Universe
300 Devourer of All Things God of Pain Creator of Everything

Misc Titles

Founder Started playing before October 31, 2011
Hardcore Level 82 or higher
Veteran Transferred to Mobage
NewlyZed Honor given to Tenda Foot and MizTiffaFoot
Bet on Life… and Lost Health pack glitch and bugs incentive from MDI
Paragon of Virtue Hit top tier in Revenge of the Clones, did not exploit glitch
Steadfast Android users for dealing with bugs and tech issues
Crafty! Crafting Beta Testers
Cascade Failure Compensation for accidental lockout
More Sparkly Than Pinker April Fools!
Early Adopter Downloading buggy 1.6 update
Oh no, after YOU. Please. Not downloading buggy 1.6 update

Daily Leaderboard Titles

1 Terminator Warmonger Altruist
2 Eliminator Combatant Life Saver
3 Obliterator Instigator Philanthropist

Consecutive Login Titles

Indulger 50 log on days
Enthusiast 100 log on days
Aficionado 150 log on days
Connoisseur 200 log on days
Fanatic 250 log on days
Zealot 300 log on days
Stalwart 350 log on days
Diehard 400 log on days
Adherent 450 log on days
Visionary 500 log on days
Prodigy 550 log on days
Virtuoso 600 log on days
Obsessopathic 650 log on days
Enthusianiac 700 log on days
Psychopassionate 750 log on days
Fanaticalarming 800 log on days
Addicticated 850 log on days
Lord of Likeabossland 900 log on days
Marquis of Swagcity 950 log on days
Count of Crunkopolis 1,000 log on days
Baron of Badassenbourg 1,050 log on days
Viceroy of Radtacurland 1,100 log on days

Mission Titles

Castori Destroyer Killed a Bloodtail
Euthanizer LG38 and LG39 Patient Mission
Holiday Hater Holiday Extravaganza Combo Mission
Heisenberg Scavenge Mission
Lepus Slayer Sunday, Bloody Sunday, Part II, Kill 40 Zombie rabbits
Lord of the Leporidae Kill a Bloodfoot
Lord Snow Kill a Bloodnose
Mothers Favorite Mother’s Day Mission
Order of Canada Canada Day Mission
Patriot 4th of July Mission
Pickpocket Slayer Pickpocket Mission
Sterling Scavenger Sterling Scavenger Mission
Top of Pops Father’s Day Mission
Undertaker Million Little Pieces Mission
Zhunter Challenger Fought Zhunter
Zhunter Slayer Killed Zhunter

2012 Apocolympics Event

Medalist Bronze or Silver medal winner
Olympian Gold medal winner
Titan N-th Degree N=Number of medals for multi-medalists
SH Champs 1 Games Member of a Top 5 Safehouse

Citizens Alliance Network I

CA Hoarder Top bomb fragment scavenger (Awarded to NinjaSid)
CA Medic Top healer (Awarded to iDevices)
CA Soldier Top destroyer killer (Awarded to DanielAmbition and Chewy138)

Pumpkin/Halloween Event

Cartographer Completed Tier 3
Expert Cartographer Completed Tier 5
Master Cartographer Completed Tier 7
Elite Cartographer Completed Tier 9
Curbita Maximus Killed a boss Zumbkin
Crypt Hunter Raided 25 Crypts
Pumpkin Gutter Defeated 5 Vicious Zumbkins in Stam Hunt

Bounty Hunter 1 and 2 Event

Bounty Hunter Completed Tier 3
Expert Bounty Hunter Completed Tier 5
Master Bounty Hunter Completed Tier 7
Bounty Hunter Elite Completed Tier 10
Destroyer Slayer BH1 Title

Alliance Strike Initiative (CA at the end of each title)

1 Soldier Finder Provoker Caregiver
2 Sergeant Scavenger Desperado Healer
3 Lieutenant Plunderer Outlaw Medic
4 Captain Collector Assassin Pharmacist
5 Major Hoarder Antagonist Doctor
6 Colonel Explorer Villain Pathologist
7 General Forager Nemesis Surgeon

Additional ASI Titles

ASI Elite Completed Wave 16
Allied Commander Completed Top Tier in all Four Skills

Project Chimera

Bronze Lab Burglar Placebo Subject Toxicologist Data Collecter
Silver Lab Larcenist Clinical Subject Dissector Data Compiler
Gold Lab Plunderer Trial Analyst Vivisector Data Hoarder
Elite Lab Raider Bioethicist Exsanguinator Completionist
Elite+ Lab Marauder

Event Titles

Violentine’s Day Dates Ruined LB Cynic Misanthrope Third Wheel Chaperone
Gifts Given LB Benevolent Big Hearted Thoughtful Charitable
Gifts Received LB Idol Paramour Beloved Admired
Killer Cardio Leaderboards Modern Adonis Hard Body Chiseled Moral Support
Tiers Beefcake Dead Lifter Part Timer Spotter
Shamrock Shenanigans Leaderboards Lucky Charmer Shillelagh Swinger Sprite Slayer Gnomeland Security
Tiers Drunkard Boozehound Lush Tippler
1000+ Garden Kills Garden Wrecker
Mass Easter-mination Leaderboards Cottontail Killer Bunnicidal Maniac Easterminator Lagamorph Scourge
Please Stay Chic SH Leaderboards Fashion Police Power Dressers Tastemakers Trendsetters
Tiers Trendkiller Bashin’-ista Fierce Dresser Fancy Pants
Please Slay Clones Leaderboards Colossus Myrmidon Gladiator Hoplite
Going Coastal Leaderboards Seawolf Narwhal Barracuda Triton
Mother’s Raid Leaderboards Mother Trucker Red Hot Momma Momma Jammer Momma’s Boy
Wedding Crashers Leaderboards The Boss Wears the Pants The Better Half Starter Spouse
Revenge of the Clones Leaderboards God Amongst Mere Mortals Illegal in Nine Countries Kind of a Big Deal Contender
Keeping It in the Family Leaderboards Public Enemy No. 1 Kingpin Armed and Dangerous Wiseguy
Wasteland Warriors Leaderboards Hell on Wheels Throttler Easy Rider Lane Stealer
Tiers Asphault Annihilator Striker Nomad Squid
Please Stay Patriotic Leaderboards President Vice-President Governor Senator
Tiers Founding Father Freedom Fighter Revolutionary Minuteman
Control Issues I: Biohazard Leaderboards Plague Killer Pandemic Preventer Quarantiner First Responder
Tiers Lethal Agent Highly Dangerous Do Not Approach Handle With Care
Control Issues II: Defiance Leaderboards Renegade Subversive Partisan Independent
Tiers Resistance Fighter Insurrectionist Agitator Dissident
Control Issues III: Retribution Leaderboards Smooth Criminal Master Thief Felon Intruder
Tiers Hooligan Malingerer Trespasser Delinquent
Please Stab Clones Leaderboards Die By the Sword Sabre Rattler Swordmaster Belligerent
Tiers Musketeer Impaler Confrontational Fencer
Please Stay Hygenic Leaderboards Toxic Avenger Eviscerator Parasite Purifier Disinfector
Tiers Decontaminator Hygienist Pest Control Sanitizer
Volatile Reaction Leaderboards Firebrand Rabble Rouser Malcontent Incendiary
Tiers Open Source Crusader Redistributionist Plagiarist Patent Abuser
Clone-Troversial Decision Leaderboards Fists of Thunder Uncontrollable Rage Bare-Knuckler Crazy Whirlwind
Tiers Heavyweight Champ Middleweight Champ Welterweight Champ Featherweight Champ
Carnival of Terror Leaderboards Whiteface Killer Carnival Cannibal Clown-tract Killer Bozocide
Tiers Clownophobe Dead and Circuses Cirque De Decay Clownton Stabby
Heal Mission Dr. Giggles, MD Patch Adams Clownical Humourologist Medical Prank-titioner
Back to School Leaderboards Knowledge is Power The More You Know Those Who Can’t, Teach Ignorance is Bliss
Tiers Einstein Brainiac Poindexter Whiz Kid
Live Action Role Slaying Leaderboards World Saver Resplendent Champion Glittering Hero Fantabulous Adventurer
Tiers Dungeon Master Griefer Power Gamer Munchkin
Unicorn Mission Pwnie Fully Ponyfied Elements of Harmony Derpy Hooves
Clone Complex Leaderboards Anabolic-oholic Enhanced Performer Will Inject Anything Human Growth Hombre
Tiers Rock Hard Invited to the Gun Show Quadzilla Do You Even Lift, Bro?
Heal Mission All Natural
Thankskillin 2: Pumpkin Die! Regular LBs Yammageddon Turkeydemic Pumpkastrophe Gobblegotha
Special LBs We Don’t Give a Flock All Harm, No Fowl One Bird, Multiple Stones Squawk Tactics
Tiers Stick a Fork in Me It’s Wafer Thin Food Coma I Think I May Go Explode
Anniversary Annihilation Leaderboards Hot Mess Count Druncula Seriously Crunk Totally Hammered
Tiers Party Animal Partyatorian Partyac Arrest Party-cular Set of Skills
Holiday Zed Mission Zumberjack The Flannel and The Fury Tree Thugger Clearcutter
BBQ-ullabaloo Leaderboards FIRE IN THE HOLE! Smokin Hot Dry Rub Sweet and Tangy
Tiers OMGWTFBBQ Steaktacular Chipotlegit Pork Puller
Scavenge Mission Porknado Lambslide Meat-Wave Beefquake
Midnight Screaming Leaderboards Perversion of Science Malpractice Makes Perfect In the Experimental Phase Feeling It Out
Tiers Wild and Untamed Thing Hot and Bothered Creature of the Night Piece of Meat
Mad Scientist Mission A Creation A Rival Scientist An Ex-Delivery Boy A Groupie
Ruthless Scientist Mission I Can Make You A Man
Griefer Madness! Regular LB Griefer Madness Blessed are the Griefmakers Grief Trouncellor Griefcase
Special LB Last Man Standing Plays Badly With Others Dude, You’ve Changed Bully
Tiers Jerkweed Tactical D-Nuke On A Timer Obvious Alt
Heal Mission Amburlamps
Prison Deform Regular LBs Above the Law Judge, Jury, Executioner Justice Bringer Hardboiled
Special LBs Elitist Pig Stiffly Penalized Conjugal Visitor Plea of Insanity
Tiers Criminal Mastermind Rage Aquit Cpl. Punishment You Can’t Prove Nuthin’
Meltdown Madness Leaderboards I’M MEEELTING! Thar She Blows! It’s Getting Hot in Here! Crack A Window, Bud!
Tiers Totally Rad Gone Fission Be Cool Soakin’ Some Rays
Side Mission Unstable Heavy Metal Nuclear Option Fusion Mechanic
Thankskilling: Second Helpings Leaderboards Epic Buckles Pil-Grim Reaper Pioneeriac The Slaypower
Tiers Corn Ultimatum Cornal Desire Nothing Left But Husks AMaizing!
Side Mission Fowl-ocaust Potato-clysm Risen from the Gravey Roast-A Squawkalyptic
Consumer Craziness Regular LBs Storegasm Shopportunistic Bargantuan Haggleblaster
Special LBs Huge Package Sparkly Box Wrap Artist Re-Gifter
Tiers Ruined “I WANT MOAR!!” “GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS!” Spoiled Rotten
Side Mission Buy-Curious
Holiday Parade Rampage Leaderboards Nut Annihilator Nut Devastator Nut Destroyer Nut Smasher
Tiers Communes With Santa Santanic Cultist Santa Worshipper Believes in Santa
Side Mission Candy Kingdom Conquistador Choco-Nut Champion Caramel Crusader Gumdrop Warrior
Extreme Holiday Extravaganza Leaderboards I Ruined Christmas Office Party Groper Vaguely Racist Grandpa Passive Aggressive Gifter
Tiers Antisocial Bearded Recluse Knows When You’re Sleeping Kisses Your Mother Eats Your Cookies
Heal Mission Sleigher Lap Sitter Hall Decker Bell Jingler
Deep Freeze Regular LBs Snowbelt Prize Winner When Hail Freezes Over Fame is Sleeting On Thin Ice
Special LBs Myth Buster King in the North Bipolar Serial Chiller
Tiers Dressed to Kill Full Waddle No Fly List Tastes Like Chicken
Alpine Warfare Leaderboards Black Diamond Destroyer Freshly Waxed Pole Gripper Salomdog Millionaire
Tiers Looks Down on Everyone All Downhill From Here Really High Over the Hill
Alpine Mission Human Avalanche Powder Hound Snow Bunny Lift Licker
Hockey Violence Regular LBs The Great One Big League Bully Most Valuable Player Pick Up Artist
Special LBs Plays Without Protection Blade Runner In The Penalty Box Fully Jocked
Tiers Gross Misconduct Cross Checker High Sticker Cherry Picker
Clear 3 Gauntlets Hat Trick
G’Day to Die Regular LBs Two Pot Screamer Tin-Arsed Yobbo Budgie Smuggler Jolly Swagman
Special LBs Blotto as a Bandicoot Bloody Legend Crow Stoner Sandgroper
Tiers A Dingo’s Breakfast Bonzer Bushranger Cunning as a Dunny Rat Shonky Bludger
Speeding Kills Leaderboards Live in the Fast Lane Live Fast, Die Young Twin Diesel (Engine) Built for Speed
Tiers Hammer Time Highway to the Danger Zone Driving Mrs. Daisy Slow Children
Heal Mission Ridin’ Dirty Top on the Pole Position Loves Drag Hugs Corners
World War “Zed”! Leaderboards Can-Tankerous Don’t Tread on Me Tanks for the Memories Tanks for Coming Out
Tiers Say Hello to My Little Friend Smells Like Victory The Horror… The Horror… Things No Man Should See
Side Mission Massive Tool Gut-Wrenching Jacked Up Socket to Me
Will You Be My Violentine? Leaderboards Wuv, True Wuv The Wasteland Is for Lovers Mr. Right Now Warm Body
Tiers Touched By An Angel Perpetual Emotion Machine Small Hands, Big Heart Cupidity
Side Mission I’LL NEVER BE LONELY AGAIN! Dr. Mewlittle Can’t Die, Cats Will Eat Me Kitty Collector
Crafting Let’s Get Digital Virtually Irresistable Give Me Some Sugar, Baby Taking Candy From Strangers
Skate or Die! Leaderboards God, I’m Gorgeous! Star-Spangled Glamour Sparklypants Twinkletoes
Tiers Dreamcrusher Bribes the Judges Cripples the Competition Plays Dirty
Side Mission Master Skater Stuck in the Skaties Ice, Ice Skatey Skate Crime
Mardis Gras Madness Leaderboards Masca-Raider! Always Lurking Behold! A Master of Disguise This Is Actually How I Look
Tiers Prawn Star Crawfish Conqueror Ocra-Holic Ragin’ Cajun
Side Mission I DON’T KNOW WHY I’M LAUGHING! Jugglenaut Addicted to Prank Chuckleberry Finn
Doomsday Leaderboards Honeymuffin, Emperor of Hell Snugglepie, Devourer of Souls Fluffytail, Lord of the Abyss Beelzebubbles
Tiers Illumi-Naughty This Punch Tastes Funny I Heard There Was Cake… Is This the Book Club?
Side Mission Dreams the Impossible Dream Speaks the Unspeakable Sees the Unseeable Hears the Unhearable
Third Time’s the Charm! Leaderboards Gettin’ Lucky What the Luck!? Maxed Out Luck Skill Dumb Luck
Tiers Tiny Moneygrubbing Weirdo Self-Leprecating LimerickRolled Addicted to Pots
Side Mission Behold My Wondrous Instrument! Magic Fingers String Theory Soothes Savage Beasts
Spring Break! Leaderboards Broseidon, Ruler of Broceans Brahptimus Prime Nabrolean Bronaparte Sultan of Bronei
Tiers LOOK AT ME! If You Got It, Film It Tweet These! Poor Choices
Cleared Gauntlets Stokeholm Syndrome High Chillax-erol Amoebic Douchentery Brobrahnic Plague
Lucha de la Muerta Regular LB Tactical Lucha-lear Weapon I Love Luchy Luchid Dreamer Luch in Translation
Special LB ¡¡¡El Chupacabra Furioso!!! ¡¡El Gigantesco Repulsivo!! !El Diablo Horrendo! El Nombre Generico
Tiers Slappy Hands of Death Flying Deathpinch Flailing Arms of Destruction Finger Poke of Massive Trauma
A Gambit of Ghouls Leaderboards Don’ H8 Tha Playa, H8 Tha Game It’s Hard Out Here for an Imp Crossed the Moral Event Horizon Don’t Get Comfy
Tiers Another Brick in the Wall Crazy Barbarians Everywhere Really, Really Cold Knows Nothing
Dragon Mission Messiah Complex Infuriating Procrastinator Gives Birth to Reptiles Insanity Runs in the Family
Lion Mission Always Pays Their Debts Throws Money at Problems Gold Finger Sibling Affection
Wolf Mission Loses Head Over Things Obsessed with the Weather Leaves Children Unsupervised Demands Piggybacks
Clear All Side Missions And Everyone Died. The End
Let’s Be Civil, Shall We? Leaderboards Packing Heat Totally Ballin’ Accepted As Cannon Project-ile Management
Tiers General Discomfort Major Darling Corporal Cuddlesworth Private Dancer
Side Mission Should’ve Washed My Hands You’ll Save So Much on Shoes Touched Your Heart. Literally We Need To Amputate! Probably!
Easter EEAAGG!!! Leaderboards Free Hugs! Grass Addict Multiplies Indiscriminately Anonymous Egg Donor
Tiers Basketcase Eggistence is Fertile Eggacerbates My OeufCD Eggexcutioner
Side Mission Porkèmon Master Diversified Porkfolio Lives in Total Hammony Hambidextrous
The Doctor Is In! Leaderboards Police Box Hero Bigger on the Inside Doctor On Call Blue Box of Emotion
Tiers Ex-Ter-Min-Ator Only Superior in One Regard Stair-Master Disturbing Tea Kettle
Side-Mission Forever Alone Sidekick-Zoned Companion Material Human/Time Lord Meta-Crisis
Daily Mission Bowties are Cool Be Still, My Hearts Interstellar Handyman I Fear Change
Mommy Issues Leaderboards Hey Baby, Wanna Go For A Ride? DON’T PUSH ME Your Carriage Awaits I’m Strollin’, They Hatin’
Tiers Diaperchondriac Life Stinks Doody Free Bundle of Joy
Big Boy Mission Mom, What’s “Oedipus Complex”? Too Excited For Mother’s Day I Really, Really Love Mom Doesn’t Mom Look Hot Today?
Moody Teen Mission I Didn’t Ask To Be Born! You Don’t Know Me! I Can Do What I Want! Whatever, Mom!
Big Momma Mission Whatever, You’re Adopted I Love You Because I Have To Ask Your Father I Raised You Better Than That
Vengeful Momma Mission N00B! Cries Uncontrollably Feed Me Recently Evicted
Crafting Marriage Saver Mommy’s Little Tax Break Momma Only Wanted A Backrub Surprise Delivery
Zomborg-eddon Leaderboards I’m a Real Boy! Android Incompatible How Uncanney Was My Valley? What is Love? Bleep-blop
Tiers Groan in a Lab Organ Donor In-Stitch-Tutionalized KILL IT WITH FIRE!
Side-Mission No Brain, No Pain Brainal Retentive Full Frontal (Lobe) My Favorite Body Part
Zomborg-eddon Part 2 Leaderboards LAB-RACADABRA Grossly Incandescent Totally Overreacting Blinded By Science
Tiers Fiends With Benefits See You In Hell? God Mode Engaged! My Job is Soul Destroying
Heal Mission Clawed My Way to the Top! Never Stop Reaching I, Clawdius The Helping Hand
Eternalist Mission Did I Use Too Many Monkeys? I Made This For You Why Are You Screaming? Don’t Cry
Zombies… From Space! Leaderboards Grey, Hot Boldly Went There You’re Out of This World, Baby Humans’ll Do Anything
Tiers We Should See Other Beings Sorry, Baby, I Just Need Space I Can’t Do Long Distance I Must Go, My Planet Needs Me
Scrap Mission Ensign Expendable Taking It For The Team Away Party? I’m In! Popular with the Natives
Space Commander Mission Captain Egomaniac Make It Oh-No-You-Didn’t! Kobayashi FU Prime Directive, Schmerective
Crafting Centre of the Universe Super Massive Black Hole Super Dense Heavenly Body
Cowa-Zomb-A Leaderboards Here We Are Now, Entertain Us Near, Far, Wherever You Are Get Knocked Down, Get Up Again Hit By A Baby Several Times
Tiers So Funny I Forgot to Laugh All That, And a Bag of Chips Then Why Don’t You Marry It? I Know You Are, But What Am I
Tori Mission Saved the Best for Last Holds On For One More Day Strictly Avoided Waterfalls Probably Had To Let It Linger
Zac Mission Tried to Fly, Touch Sky, Etc. Was Too Sexy For Most Clothes Would Do Anything For Love Walked All the Miles
Encyclozed Mission Coats with Many Colours
Father’s Day Regular LBs Daddy’s Little Troublemaker Who’s Your Daddy? I Need An Adult Requires Supervision
Special LBs You’re A Menace To Society! Go Straight To Your Room My House, My Rules Don’t Make Me Pull Over
Tiers Tie-Rant The Ties That Bind Us Tie One On Tie and Tie Again
Heal Mission Man Up! It Builds Character Let Me Salt the Wound Walk It Off
Scoring with Zombies Leaderboards The Golden Boot Eye On The Prize Lives to Score Has Goals
Special LBs You Had Me At Gooooooooooal! Forwards Do It Backwards Sweepkick Into My Heart Juggle Into My Arms
Tiers Whistleblower Hands Off! Kick It Where It Counts Card Collector
Heal Mission Alpha Blocker All in the Crease Trapper Keeper Ball Magnet
Soccer Star Mission Fear My Frothy-Mouthed Rage! The Fifth Official This Is My Game Face! Loyal to a Fault
Patriotic Panic Leaderboards, American Star Spangled Slayer Shoot First, Questions Later Yankee Doodler Totally Revolted
Leaderboards, Canadian (Unused) Sorry About That! Busy Beaver Pocket Full of Loonies The Eh Team
Tiers, Canadian Weird Sex and Snowshoes Give’r What’s This Kerfuffle Double Double
Tiers, American If You Eat It All, It’s Free Git ‘er Done I Heard A Ruckus Super Sized
Hoser Mission Canuck! Take Off, Eh? Toque de Force Canoehead
Uncle Sam Mission Murican! America, **** Yeah! If You’re Not 1st, You’re Last Joe Sixpack
Animals Mission International Necrocrypto-zoologist
Custom Title Selected Diplomancer
Zed Marks the Spot! Leaderboards Modern Major General Able Seamen Fourmast Jack Bilge Rat
Tiers Peg-Leg Picaroon Loaded to the Gunwhales Hornswaggler Devil to Pay and No Pitch Hot
Dread Pirate Mission Dead Men Tell No Tales No Quarter Dancing the Hempen Jig Keelhauled
Heal Mission Swallowed the Anchor Strumpet Solo Cracked Jenny’s Tea Cup Shiver Me Timbers
Crafting Jolly Rogered Fine Pirate Booty Blow Me Down Prepare to be Boarded
Survival of the Fittest Leaderboards Flipped the Bird Above Cadaverage! Carrion the Team Picked Clean
Tiers Outliar In First. Outlast. Taken Outback Outruns Slowest Friend
Vanguard Mission The Magnificent Bastard The Only Safe Cracker The Impossible Genius The Faceless Mook
Undercover Leaderboards Phrasing! Smokebomb! Jazzhands! Like the Old Gypsy Woman Said!
Daily LB That’s How You Get Ants Just the Tip I Swear, I Had Something For This Sploosh
Tiers You’re Not My Supervisor! It’s Like Killing A Unicorn! The Floor IS LAVA! Extraordinary Rendition!
Heal Mission From Lussia, With Ruv Room Maker Foldginger Dive and Let Lie
Double Trouble Leaderboards You Get the Horns Fear is the Mind Killer Steak Spice Numbskull
Special LBs Bait Me Maker’s Mark Eats the Worm They Call Me Dr. Worm
Tiers Scary Splice Sporty Splice Ginger Splice Baby Splice
Mucoid Mission Buddy Flick De-Feeted Grrr! Argh! Get Off My Back
Extinction! Leaderboards Awesomeasaurus Top of the Food Chain Dino-Mite Try-Ceratops
Tiers Totally Boned Petrol-Dactyl 6000ft Under Stone Cold
Dino Mascot Mission No Touching Attention Seeking Behaviour Flint Stoned Hugs are Contagious
Zombosaurus Mission I AM THE LIZARD KING Obey Your Lizard Overlords! Cold-Blooded Killer Fork-Tongued
Full Steam Ahead! Leaderboards Stirling Qualities Industrious Revolutionary The Jammiest Bits of Jam Thoroughbred of Steam
Tiers Her Majesty’s Lord of Moisture Coggler Steampunkaneer Lushington
Tanker Mission Jugger-naut Condensensational Contents Under Pressure Full Head of Steam
Infiltrator Mission Jacked Up Ripper Cloaked and Daggered Skilamalink Jewels Verne
Country Clubbed! Leaderboards *Slow Golf Clap* That’s Not the Hole Does Your Husband Play Too? Take a Mulligan
Tiers Par for the Course Sand Bagger Shanked It! That’s A Gimme!
Golfer Mission It’s a Trap! Penalty Stroke Hell of a Slice Out of Bounds!
Crafting The Price is Wrong! It’s All in the Hips Don’t You People Have Jobs? Are You Too Good For Your Home?
Superhero Showdown Leaderboards Unbreakable Nigh-Invulnerable Alter-Ego Maniac Cosplay Avenger
Tiers The Snark Knight Who’s Laughing Now? You Can’t Fight Fate Socially Awkward Hero
Evil Lackey Mission Buzz Kill Bastard Understudy Nameless, Expendable Recruited from the Gutter
Super Sidekick Mission Hero for a Day Spandex-Wearing Foil Sidekick Ex Machina Third-Rate Origin Story
Super Hero Mission Big Damn Hero Say My Name! Hero Protagonist Well-Intentioned Extremist
Super Villainess Mission Watches the World Burn Powers Born of Madness An Axe to Grind Surrounded By Idiots
Environmental Hazard Leaderboards Pole Protector Recycle or Al Gore You! Nature Is So Hot Right Now Environ-Mental
Tiers One with Nature Sowing Wild Oats Flower Child Sap Happy
Environmentalist Mission Pacifist Pacifier Reduced, Reanimated, Recycled Biodegradable Botanist Post-Consumer Wasted
Panic at the Derby Regular LBs This Is How I Roll We’re Number 2! Fresh Meat Bleacher Creature
Special LBs Derby Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Hit It and Quit It Point of No Return Skater Tot
Tiers I Can Has Lead Jammer Power Jam Cougaring Cutting the Track
Derby Girl Mission Soul Crusher Punish the Bullet, Not the Gun Booty Block Cannonballing
Parasitic Puppet Masters Regular LBs Puppet Flail High Strung I Pull the Strings Hanging On By A Thread
Special LBs Jedi Mind-Trick Hang ‘Em High Can You Hang? Finger Puppet Delight
Tiers Free Will-y I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream Trapped and I Can’t Get Out! Talking to Myself
Star-Crossed Slaughter Leaderboards I Love You, Two Deaths Dramatic Irony, Indeed Family Feudalism Kids Totally Know Everything
Tiers Be Rough With Love Thou Art A Villain A Plague On Both Your Houses! What’s In A Name?
Crafting Beautiful Tyrant I Defy You, Stars! Gotta Keep Em Separated Silver-Tongued Sweetheart
Juliet Mission Papa Don’t Preach
Romeo Mission Love Hurts
Zedcraft! Leaderboards Look What My Hands Have Wrought Punching Trees Gives Me Wood I Defy the Laws of Gravity I’m Smelting!
Tiers Gold Digger Block Party I Farm, Therefore I Am Cubic Beater
Crafting Creeper Destroy Everything You Touch Short Fuse Hot Head
Duel-a-Dev! Cassentra Fire Support
DrLucky I Got Lucky
ICTOR ICTOR? I Barely Know Her!
Teaspoon Knuts Like A Cife
Tiergan My God, It’s Full of Sparkles
ZaVinci Veni, Vidi, ZaVinci
Top 50, Day 1 I Fought The Devs, The Devs Won
Top 50, Day 2 Always A Tester, Never A Dev
Top 50, Day 3 Try Harder!
Top 50, Day 4 Ooh, That Tickles!
Top 50, Day 5 I’m Not Your Mother!
Please Stay XCalm Leaderboards The Truth Is Out There Deny Everything Trust No One They’re Watching
Tiers Guardian of the Galaxy Cosmic Odyssey Star Search Space Cadet
Side Mission Take Me To Your Leader Probing Me, Probing You Unidentified Flying Weirdo I Come In Peace
Crassoid Mission Extra-Special Terrestrial Game Over, Man Shotgun Diplomat Close Encounters
Slender Mission I’m All In Your Head I’m Down The Dark Hallway I’m Under The Bed I’m In Your Closet
PSC3 Anniversary Leaderboards Lived To A Ripe Old Age Not Dead Yet Old Guard The Old Carnage Try
Tiers I Was Here First This Was Better On Atari Remember the Good Old Days? I Killed Zombies Before It Was Cool
Swarm Dueler Mission Internet Tough Guy Feeds on Tears Picks Fights With Strangers Always Angry
Swarm Healer Mission Do No Harm Gives Special Treatment Leaves Them In Stitches Party Healer
Swarm Hunter Mission Pressed To Kill Swarma-King Tap Master Killer Instinct
Swarm Scavenger Mission Miserable Incrate Time-Space Parabox Blame It On The Boxanova Shadow Boxer
Thanksgiving! Leaderboards Go Pluck Yourself FREEBIRD Beak Shall Inherit The Earth Fine Feathered End
Tiers Children of the Horn Totally Full of It Pot Licker Casse-Rolled
Thanksgiving Zeds Mission All About That Baste
Duel-A-Dev 2 Crafting Title 1 FATALITY
Custom Crafting Title Duel or Duel Not, There Is No Cry

4/16/2013 Note, this has been a labor of love for the past year and a half… but I’m retiring from updating titles, there’s just too many events and titles that it’s all just diluted now.

1/21/2014 Thanks to Devastate, the titles lists lives on. We’ll have sporadic updates whenever we feel like it.

Events and Weapons

Event Stuff
This and the titles was a labor of love… thank you all for your help with this, especially DanielAmbition, Shivin and Chewy138. Please let us know if there are any errors. Some of the mission event titles are missing, so we just guessed. If you have them, please let us know.

Holiday Mission 2011 Elves, Santa, Bloodnoses Santa Slay Santa’s Tree (+50 hunt def), Crate Crackers (+30% scav), Orna Bombs (+50% hunt dmg) and Frosty Mines (+20k duel def)
My Bloody Valentines Cupids Heartcrusher None
St Patricks Day Leprechauns Lucky Shillelagh Four-Leaf Clovers (+25% scav)
Sunday, Bloody Sunday Undead Bunnies, Zombie Rabbits, Bloodfoots The Incisor Bloody Rabbits Foot (+25% scav), Holy Hand Gren-Egg (16k duel atk)
Scavenge Mission Scavenge missing parts Quiet Riot None
Mother Knows Best Big Boys Mother Knows Best Box of Chocolates (+25% hunt def)
Lazurus Patient Experiment LG 38 and 39 Patients LG21 Launcher Lazarus Serum B30 (+25% hunt dmg)
Father’s Day Patriarchs Charbroiler Playing Catch (+25% hunt def)
Canada Day Mounties and Bloodtails Big Red Campaign Hat (+25% scav), Beaver Tail (+20k duel def)
Fourth of July Loyalists None Mega Fireworks (+25% hunt dmg)
Kortmeyer Hi-jinks/Sterling Scavenge Scavenge mission K-OM Shoulder Armor 4 hunt stims, repeatable
Holiday Combo Mission Bloodfoots, Santas and Leprechauns None Holy Hand Gren-eggs, Santa’s Tree, Withered Tree, Four Leaf Clover
Robbing Hoods Pickpockets Whippersnapper Stash Jar (+40% scav)
Apocolympics None Trekked, Raider, Mojave None
Pumpkin Event Zumbkins Pumpkingun, Flaming Gourdian, Gourd Guard, PKN-54 Pumpkin Stims, Pumpkin skilly beans, Pumpkin Mine (+20k duel def), Pumpkin-ade (+16k duel attk)
Bounty Hunter Destroyers Hybrid Golf Cart, Sarge and Undertaker Shackles (+40% hunt dmg), Belt (+40% hunt def)
Alliance Strike Initiative None CA Scout Uniform (Scav), Jeep (Duel), Saber (Hunt), DUKW (Heal) Leecher Tentacle (+40% hunt dmg) and Leecher Carapace (+40% hunt def)
Holiday Event 2012 Elves, Santa, Bloodnoses. Mrs Claus, Snowman Santa Slay, Aegis Wreath, Santa’s Exoskeleton Santa’s Tree (+50 hunt def), Crate Crackers (+30% scav), Orna Bombs (+50% hunt dmg) and Frosty Mines (+20k duel def)
Project Chimera Chimeras Cryo Cudgel, Hazmat Armour, Mobile Laboratory Proto beans and stims
Valentines Lovers and Cupids Heart Crusher None
Killer Cardio Destroyers Acid Tangler Destroyer Belt (+50% Hunt Def), Destroyer Shackles (+50% Hunt Dmg)

Changing up the format to make things prettier. Like a bawse.
“Consumable” will only be placed if a never-before-seen buff appears in the event. Everything else should be pretty self-explanitory.

Shamrock Shenanigans Leprechaun, Fat Seamus Lucky Shillelagh Leprechaun Hat (Armor), Turbo Tap (Vehicle) Four-Leaf Clover (+25% Supplies), Shamrock Beer (Drink)
Mass Eastermination Zombie Rabbits, Bloodfoot Incisor EGG Armor (Armor) Bloody Rabbit’s Foot (+25% Supplies), Hot Chocolate (Drink)
Please Stay Chic Chic Zombie, Designer Stiff Upper Lip Dread Poncho (Armor) Cosmopolitan (Drink), Manhattan (Drink)
Please Stay Clones Paladian Stalker Triumvirate None CVC Helm (+25% Supplies), CVC Shot (+25% Hunt Dmg), CVC Targe (+25% Hunt Def), Clone Shrivelers (Duel Item), CVC Homebrew (Drink)
Going Coastal Diver Razordeath Nautical Beauty (Armor) Grog (Drink), Short and Tall Homebrew (10% and 25% Drink)
Mother’s Raid Big Boy, Big Momma Mother Knows Best Mom’s Ride (Vehicle) Box of Chocolates (+25% Hunt Def)
Wedding Crashers Bride, Groom Death Do Us Part Menage a Trois (Vehicle) Promise Ring (Gift; +25% Hunt Def, 2hrs)
Revenge of the Clones Host Turn and Burn Classy Suit (Armor) Scotch (Drink)
Keeping it in the Family Business Mobster, Don The Lawless Mafioso (Armor), Parole Violator (Vehicle) Happy Juice (Drink)
Wasteland Warriors Blitzers Dirty Dog Wasted Wardrobe (Armor), Road Hog (Vehicle) Search-O-Tron (+30% Supplies), Survivor’s Shield (+30% Hunt Def), Survivor’s Supplement (+30% Hunt Dmg)
Please Stay Patriotic Mounties, Founders Big Red, Liberty Torch The Star Spangled (Armor) Campaign Hat (+25% Supplies), Mega Fireworks (+25% Hunt Dmg)

The following will be the format if an event comes out without any new buffs.

Control Issues Part 1: Biohazard Chimeras, Abominations LG21 Launcher Intimidator Treadhead
Control Issues Part 2: Defiance Enforcers Cyro Canon, Gyrocopter None Gyrocopter
Control Issues Part 3: Retribution Agent Taskmaster The Heavy Lifter Breacher
Please Stab Clones Fencers The Duelist Fencing Attire Full Tilt
Please Stay Hygenic Infestors Inoculator Haz Mat Vaccination Van
Volatile Reaction Hazard The Eradicator NanoMask HazMatobile
Clone-Troversial Brawler Tesla Knuckles Boxer Robe Rough Rider
Carnival of Terror Clown Clown Cannon Ringmaster Armour Clown Car
Back to School Professors, Lunch Ladies Whippersnapper None School Bus
Live Action Role Slaying Dragon Sorceress, Half-Unicorn Paladin W. A. N. D. Wizard Hat Epic Mount
Clone Complex Patient Hulker Tesla Gun Cut Off Armour None
Thankskillin 2: Pumpkin Die! Zumbkin, Zurkey Gobbler Pumpkinigun Gourd Guard PKN-54G
Anniversary Annihilation Bloodtail, Cupid, Fat Seamus, Zombie Bunnies Quiet Riot, Decapitator, Banhammer, Rang-O-Geddon Anniversary Pauldrons None
BBQ-ullabaloo Patriarch Charbroiler Kevlar Apron Rough Rider
Midnight Screaming Mad Scientist Ripp Off Bodice Chronos Distorter
Griefer Madness Bounty Hunter Bear Mace Badass Vest Nowhere To Run
Prison Deform Corrections Officer, Hardened Criminal Guillotine Gun Executioner’s Hood PrisonMobile
Meltdown Madness Mucoid Manhattan Gun Depleted U92 Armour Dynamobile
Thankskilling: Second Helpings Pilgrim The Gobbler Pilgrim Hat Shopaholic
Consumer Craziness Consumer Zurmbie Flail Shopping Armour Mall Security Segway
Holiday Parade Rampage Skullcracker Nut Buster Awkward Sweater Sweet Ride
Extreme Holiday Extravaganza Elf, Reindeer, Santa, Bloodnose, Mrs Claus Fireplace Flamethrower, Santa Claws Santa’s Exoskeleton Santamobile
Deep Freeze Zenguin, Stalwart Snowman Expenguinator Penguin Suit Ice Crasher
Alpine Warfare Alpine Zombie The Embedder, Defibrillator Fists Ski Helm Epic Flail
Hockey Violence Hockey Goon Nasty Pucker, Furnace Flail Goalie Mask Zombonie
G’day to Die Zombaussie, Drop Bear Lil’ Rippa, Rail Gun Hobbly-Bob (Armor), Holden Sandblaster (Vehicle) Aussie Beer (Full Drink), Aussie Pride Combat Serum (+300% Hunt Damage), Joey Pouch (Gift)
Speeding Kills! Speed Demon MP7A1, Nitro-Gun Sleek Helmet (Armor) Dr. Lucky’s Warding Wax (No Weapon Damage)
World War “Zed”?! Mechanic Panzerfaust M-4 Sherman (Vehicle) Tac-Light (Zombies avoid you in scavs, 1hr), Ultra-Light (Instascav, 1hr)
Will You Be My Violentine? Cupid, Lovers, Bride, Groom Heartcrusher, Death Do Us Part None Candygram (Gift)
Skate or Die! Skater Death Spiral Sequined Unitard (Armor), Rocket Bobsled (Vehicle) None
Mardis Gras Madness! Mardis Gras Zombie The Intoxicator, Deadly Mocktail Regalia (Armor), Murder Gras Float (Vehicle) None
Doomsday Worshipper Deadly Scourge, Hand Cannon Plague Armor (Armor), Demomobile (Vehicle) Berserker Stim (2x Hunt XP, 0x Scav XP), Black Light (Instascav, +50% Supplies), Dr L-Dritch’s Warding Wax (+250% Hunt Def, +300% Weapon Damage), Pacifist Stim (2x Heal XP, 0x Duel XP), Dark Bequeathment (Gift)
Third Time’s the Charm! Leprechaun, Fat Seamus, Brawler Lucky Shillelagh, Pot O’ Gold, Thunderblade Leprechaun Hat (Armor), Dipso-Wagon (Vehicle) Gold Clover (+40% Supplies), Rainbow Clover (+80% Supplies)
Spring Break! Bro The “Don’t-Tase-Me, Bro!”, Turbine Hammer Beer Helmet (Armor), Shredder (Vehicle) None
Lucha de la Muerta Luchador, Boss Luchador Lucha-Cannon, Thorium Bow Lucha-Mask (Armor), Lucha-Copter (Vehicle) None
A Gambit of Ghouls Bannerman The Winds of Winter, Sword of Ice and Fire Doggy Helm (Armor), Dragon Steed (Vehicle) Dragon Egg (Gift), Obsidian Arrowhead (+300% Hunt Dmg)
Let’s Be Civil, Shall We? Rebel The Emancipator Ironclad Armour (Armor), Steam Locomotive (Vehicle) None
Easter EEAAGG!!! Happy Bunny The Nibbler, Incisor, Caustic Shockgun Bunny Hazmat (Armor), Bunnymobile (Vehicle) Easter Bait
The Doctor is In! Time Lord, Time Paradox The Exterminator, Meteor Hammer Jaunty Scarf (Armor), Turbo Anachronism (Vehicle) Thingy of Power (Bait), Regeneration Tea (Drink)
Mommy Issues Big Boy, Moody Teen, Big Momma Spare The Rod, Coil Bow, Mother Knows Best Armored Crocs (Armor), Mom’s Hog (Vehicle) Mini-Vac (+250% Supplies, 30min)
Zomborgeddon Zyborg Shreddergun, Doom Cannon Disturbo-Mask (Armor), Treadnaught (Vehicle) None
Zomborgeddon Part 2 Eternalist Vibro-Claw, The Bladestorm Posthuman Armour (Armor), Singularitymobile (Vehicle) Cyber Inhaler (+300% Hunt Dmg), Sack of Science (Gift)
Zombies… In Space! Space Commander Disintegration Ray, Cold Fusion Prosthesis Helm (Armor), SpaceCar (Vehicle) Exothermic Exuberance (+300% Hunt Dmg)
Cowa-Zomb-A Tori, Zac Missile Bow, Acid Tripper Track Jacket (Armor), The Titanic (Vehicle) None
Father’s Day Patriarch, Big Daddy Wrenchtron, Warhead Launcher Plaid Armor (Armor), Mobile Man Cave (Vehicle) Lite Toxic Tonic (+300% Hunt Dmg, 5min), Regular Toxic Tonic (+400% Hunt Dmg, 5min), Ultra Toxic Tonic (+500% Hunt Dmg, 5min)
Scoring with Zombies Soccer Stars Vuvuzela Cannon Baller Buffer (Armor), Breakaway (Vehicle) None
Patriotic Panic Bloodbeak, Bloodtail, Hoser, Loyalist, Mountie, Uncle Sam The Apologist, Sound of Freedom, Big Red, Liberty Torch, Speak Softly (CAN/USA/Ultra) Maple Armor (Armor), Sugar Rush (Vehicle), Air Farce One (Vehicle) Enhanced Talon (+1.2M Duel Atk), Enhanced Beaver Tail (+1.7M Duel Def, 1hr), Stimbits Pack (Gift)
Zed Marks the Spot! Dread Pirate, Fencer, Sneaky Pirate Corps-à-corps, Duellist, Critical Mace Dread Threads (A), Pirate Paddler (V) Pirate Bait (25% Sneaky, 20min), Improved Bait (50% Sneaky, 20min), Master Bait (100% Sneaky, 20min), Treasured Gift (Gift)
Survival of the Fittest Blitzer, Vanguard Seigebreaker, Fracking Hell Wicked Kicks Clawptomaniac
Undercover Operative, Enforcer Pocket Pistol ManTalk Jumpsuit Fausten Bargin
Double Trouble Ducoid, Mucoid The Killing Word Stillgarment Sandworm
Extinction! Dino Mascot, Zombosaurus The Alpha Predator, The Dis-Chord The Fossilized Truckasaurus
Full Steam Ahead! Tanker, Infiltrator Glacial Electro-Glaive, Bolt Gun The Dapper Capper Steam Chariot
Country Clubbed! Golfer Cat of Nine Irons, Thunderblade Tactikilt The Putt Putt
Superhero Showdown Super Hero, Super Sidekick, Super Villainess, Evil Lackey The Grappler, Fist of Fury Boxers of Justice Heroic Cape, Mantle of Evil, Bee-guiling Wings, Cloak of Eternity
Environmental Hazard Environmentalist The Trencher, Disciplinary Action Survival Backpack Hybrid Hatchback
Panic at the Derby Derby Girl Flaming Jammer, Ankle Biter Derby Helmet Rocket Rollers
Parasitic Puppet Masters Symbiont, Dominator Surgical Striker, Raging Contagion Zapper Vest The Bug Out
Star-Crossed Slaughter Romeo, Juliet Cap-U-Lots, Bardic Blaster Lover’s Tabard The Love Bird
Zedcraft! Blockhead Notched Wood Pick, Notched Iron Pick, Notched Gold Pick, Notched Diamond Pick, Ender’s Touch Block Armour Minecart
Please Stay XCalm Crassoid, Slender Repeater Shotgun, The Dissector Xenoframe The Abductor
PSC3 Anniversary Alpha Hipster, Alpine, Destroyer, Dino Mascot, Dragon Sorceress, Eternalist, Half-Unicorn Paladin, Happy Bunny, Hockey Goon, Leecher, Luchador, Mad Scientist, Skater, Worshipper, Zumbkin, Zyborg The Zombinator, Pumpkinigun, Flaming Gourdian, Scoopfrenzy, Wet Blanket, Evil A. I., Sparkle Bow Massive Gear Carrion Crawler
Thanksgiving! Pilgrim, Faux Zurkey, Zurkey Gobbler Fowl Play, The Gobbler, ICTORbar Master Baster The Gizzard

4/16/2013 Note, this has been a labor of love for the past year and a half… but I’m retiring from updating titles, there’s just too many events and titles that it’s all just diluted now.

1/21/2014 Thanks to Devastate, the titles lists lives on. We’ll have sporadic updates whenever we feel like it.